Our Story

Our History

Established in 2012 in New Orleans, the House of Crawfish started out as a celebration of life with a crawfish festival in my backyard. It was a small and simple affair. We relaxed and had such a good time after so long, we knew we just had to do this more regularly. And we did. With me, however, it didn’t stop at crawfish fests. I took to cooking like a fish to water! You would find me boiling away Cajun style at special events, farmer’s markets and even at fairgrounds! My menu was simple and I kept it that way – Cajun boiled crawfish, Gumbo served on top of long-grain rice, Po’ Boy sandwiches, and Alligator nuggets.

In 2011, I moved to New Orleans. An idea that had been slow cooking in my head for some time accelerated so suddenly that I could hardly control myself. I am sure I drove everybody quite crazy with my excitement till the day that the House of Crawfish finally became a reality. When I began, I knew I had got it right. In everything I plated, I could actually see and smell the rich, spicy, fun flavours of the South. I am overjoyed at this opportunity to bring to you the delights of good old Cajun boiled seafood and a little of New Orleans as well, with drinks like the Hurricane,Whiskey Sour and Abita beer.

My only aim is to delight your gastronomic senses with the flavors that I love so dearly.

We Love Serving Great Food

Our mission is to bring Cajun food from the Deep South to the West, with a focus on great food, an affordable menu and an inviting atmosphere.

Our goal is as simple as our menu. We want to delight your taste buds and win your love and loyalty.
Did you have a good time? Are we missing something? Did you want to ask us anything? We want to hear from you! Feedback, suggestions and questions are all welcome! Tell us how we can make the House of Crawfish the best home down the block!