Mouthwatering Menu

With their flair for creating great times, warm hospitality, and excellent seafood, New Orleans cooking is now here in San Francisco. Friends and family can experience the feast of a backyard crab fest right in their own neighborhood. The seasonings used here give this seafood an extraordinary and unique flavor that only the House of Crawfish can provide. Tell us what you want, how to flavor it, the intensity you desire, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Savoury appetisers to arouse your taste buds.

Menu Choices

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet, salty, crisp fried potatoes that have a real taste of the South.


Fried Okra

Golden fried Okra like you’ve never tasted before. If you thought okra was only meant for Gumbo – you should try this one!


Cajun Wings

Spicy chicken wings that make your mouth water, not your eyes!


Cajun Fries

French fries, Cajun style – Now that’s what we call REAL FRIES!


Alligator Nuggets

A spicy delicacy that you can’t get enough of!

Po’ Boy Sandwiches

Now that’s what we call a REAL sandwich!

Menu Choices

Oyster Po’Boy

Taste the beautiful flavor of the sea with the fresh oyster po’ boy.

Soups and Things

For truly heart warming meals

Menu Choices

Seafood & Chicken Gumbo New

Enticing gumbo with shrimp, crawfish tail meat, sausages, chicken, okra, bell peppers, celery and onion, cooked till dark and thick; served over long grain rice. This hearty soup brings out the perfect blend of flavors that Southern cooking is known for.

Big Easy Cajun Boiled

The Hearty Flavors of the Deep South with Special Spices to Add to the Mouthwatering Taste.

Menu Choices

Crawfish with Corn Potato and Sausages